Sunrise Project

Sundown towns were communities that purposefully excluded African Americans and other racial minorities from living in, or simply passing through, their community through a culture of fear, violence, and intimidation.

Sundown towns denied African Americans the freedom to settle in many parts of the country and have contributed to our disbursement of racial demographics today.

Let's Keep Grants Pass A White Man's Town
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"From Sundown to Sunrise"

Our Work

This work is titled the Sunrise Project with the idea that “sunrise” is the opposite to “sundown” and signals the start of a new day. We hope to develop a new identity in former sundown towns as that of a “sunrise community,” the opposite to a sundown town. We strive to create communities in which everyone can feel safe, respected, and like they can call this space their home.

Grants Pass Remembrance

Since 2021, ORP has supported the growth of a local truth and reconciliation coalition in Grants Pass, OR. Their goal is to help Grants Pass develop a reputation for being welcoming to all.

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When Oregon became a state in 1859, it entered into the Union with Black exclusionary laws, essentially making it a “whites only state.” Naturally, most of Oregon was once a sundown town.

Our Work

We aim to rewrite the ending to the story of a sundown town by creating an ending in which a formally exclusionary community can become one of the communities most intentionally committed to inclusivity because of its history.