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Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the Oregon Remembrance Project and your commitment to truth, justice, and reconciliation.

In addition to spreading the word about us, below are several options for how you can help our mission.

Donate to the Oregon Remembrance Project

One-time or monthly contributions.

Generous support from people like you allows ORP to continue to grow and spread our message. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

Share the TED Talk

On May 28, 2022, Taylor Stewart brought Alonzo Tucker’s story to TEDx Portland and invited the audience to join this campaign to end the death penalty in Oregon with the question, “How do you reconcile a lynching?”

Invite Taylor to Speak

Taylor Stewart is available for speaking events to spread awareness to your community. If you believe there is an opening for ORP’s message, get in touch and we can arrange a speaking engagement.

Collaborate with ORP

Feel free to reach out to us about collaborating with the Oregon Remembrance Project in your community. We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved in communities across the state and beyond.

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Educate Yourself

We have a responsibility to the history that we inherit. We are not the first, nor the last, group to carry this work. We simply aim to lessen this burden and prepare the way for those who come after us.

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